Exhibition halls – ground floor

Exhibition halls
In exhibition Hall 1, 1a, 2 and 3 is fixed carpet on the floor (color gray / anthracite). It is not allowed to drill or nail in the floor or walls. Damage to floors or walls will be charged to the exhibitor. Materials can be attached to the walls with hooks, which you should be brought by yourself. It is not possible and not allowed to hang materials onthe ceiling without permission of Expo Houten.

The maximum height of building in hall 1, 1a and 2 is 5,50 m (unde the lower part of the hall 2,50 m). exhibitionhall 3 has a maximum height of 3,50 m.

Delivering goods
Expo Houten is not responsible for receiving and storing / saving goods and shipments. Do you want to deliver materials at Expo Houten? Please contact Expo Houten in advance via and write clearly the name of the exhibition, stand number and contact info.

Horeca Vermaat Group takes care of all the horeca in Expo Houten. They can make a customized proposal for you and your guests, for example an informal reception, lunches, stand catering an crew meals. Please fill in the food & beverage form for stand catering. . Selling or serving your own food and drink is not allowed.