General information Delivery, disassemblage, parking spaces

For construction and disassembling in hall 1 and 1a you can park on P3, accessible via the rear of the property (Wilgenkade);
Hall 1a = door number 1 size of door 3.30m wide * 4.20m high
Hall 1 = door number 2 and 3 size of door 3.00m wide * 4.30m high (passage to exhibitionhall 3.70m high!)
Hall 2 = door number en 7 size of door 3.70m wide * 4.20m high
Hall 3 = door number 8 size of door 3.40m wide * 3.40m high

At all parkingspaces, parking is not allowed in front of the for the emergency exits doors for (un)loading It is not possible and not allowed to drive vehicles inside the building without permission of Expo Houten.